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VirusKeeper 2008 Pro combines the best protection technologies available
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The 2008 version of VirusKeeper has many new features that make it even better than it already was. It is a highly effective protection against virus infections. The program works in real time, which is what makes it very effective as an anti-virus scanner. It is capable of quickly detecting almost any program that will harm your computer system.

VirusKeeper can detect viruses, spyware, worms and even rootkits. The rootkit is another program that is malicious, but usually manages to hide and get past other virus scanners. The new version of the VirusKeeper software has the capability to recognize all programs running on your computer, and if one of them is a malicious program then it will act upon it. The analysis methods are now faster and can even detect new threats that attack your computer.

A new tool that was added to VirusKeeper is the ProcessWatch II. This tool lets the user take a look at the properties of a process that is running. If something is not right, then the user can choose to stop that program. It will also inform the user of all programs that start-up with the computer, so it is easy to notice if something is wrong.

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  • Very effective and quick at detecting threats


  • Some important features are only in pro version
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